Open Source China (OSC), China's top technology community, will host 2017 AI Chinese Entrepreneurs (AICE2017) Forum with the support of China Center for Information Industry Development (CCiD) and the largest Chinese programmer community, China Software Developer Network (CSDN). Outstanding Chinese enterprises, investors, and well-known media will also be present at the event.

    Attendees including world’s top AI scholars and researchers, representatives from prestigious research institutions, venture capital firms and AI innovation enterprises, Internet leaders, world’s 1,500 well-known business leaders and China’s AI researchers, will join us to share their academic, industrial and capital insights, and discuss advanced scientific research achievements in AI and robot advisors, technology trends, industry applications and opportunities, and corporate strategy research.

    AICE2017 is scheduled to be held on August 11th to 13th with two plenary sessions and 12 sub-forums. Meanwhile, a three-day exhibition of AI cutting-edge projects is to be presented to illuminate AI’s status quo and outline its future development.



    Friday,November 17

    9:00-12:00 Keynote Speech

    14:00-17:00 Sub-forum
    Computer Vision/Face Recognition
    Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
    Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    Automatic Drive
    Man-Machine Interaction/Voice command device
    Computational Advertising

    Saturday,November 18

    9:00-12:00 Keynote Speech

    14:00-17:00 Sub-forum
    Intelligent Medical
    Smart Finance
    Robot Advisor
    Intelligent Logistics
    Smart Education
    Smart City


    Sunday,November 19

    Public Open day for "A New Chapter Has Begun" to showcase the world's top achievement of AI technology.



    Founded by a team of universities of Cambridge, AISpeech is the only company that has the technology of man-machine conversation in China. It is also one of the very few companies that have their own comprehensive speech technologies in Chinese & English (speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language understanding, voiceprint recognition, age & gender recognition, emotion recognition, etc.). The core technology of AISpeech is to provide all-in-one solutions of hardware and software based on speech interaction, and module array based on special intelligent hard- wares. These technologies are mainly achieved by three business lines: intelligent on-board kits, appliances and robots.


    As the world's first operator of cloud-based intelligent robot, CloudMinds focuses on realizing the secure cloud computing platform of cloud-based intelligent robots on the level of operations, running large hybrid learning platform of artificial intelligence machines, and researching the technologies of secure intelligent terminals and robot controllers.


    iFLYTEK is a national- standard software enterprise that dedicates to the research of intelligent speech and language technologies, artificial intelligence technology, development of software and chip products, provision of speech information services, and integration of E-government systems. It has achieved the international advanced standards in many core technologies, including speech synthesis, speech recognition, oral language evaluation, and natural language processing.


    After a long period of exploration and repeated attempts, the product layout of Sogou has been built. It is based on search engine, input methods, and browsers with call management, maps, intelligent hardware and other products as supplements. The translation function is based on the learning machine translation framework of neural network. Due to advantages of Sogou on the understanding of Chinese natural language, The machine Translation of Sogou can quickly give accurate translation results. At the end of last year, Sogou English search was upgraded to Sogou overseas search. When users input Chinese keywords, they can get the corresponding English results and the corresponding translations in Chinese. As the first cross language search engine, this product helps domestic users that are not good at English get more foreign information, such as medical treatments, science, technology, and humanity.

    Horizon Robotics

    Horizon Robotics is committed to providing fully open embedded artificial intelligence solutions of high performance, low power consumption and low costs. The company's core business are intelligent driving, intelligent life and other application scenarios. It has successfully launched a “Hugo” platform for smart driving and an "Andersen" platform for intelligent life.


    DeepGlint commercializes 3D computer visions and deep learning technologies. Its proprietary, DeepGlint Technology TM, is world-leading in the detection, tracking and recognition of humans and vehicles. Using enormous amount of data, DeepGlint helps computers capture what is happening in real time, and understand the physical world like humans do. DeepGlint is building the search engine for the physical world.


    Based on deep learning, the technology of SenseTime in aspects of face recognition, text recognition, body recognition, vehicle recognition, object recognition and image processing, etc. are way ahead in the industry and widely used in finance, mobile internet and security monitoring.


    As the first and most comprehensive collection platform of health data from millions of individuals in China, we have combined the best minds in biotechnology and artificial intelligence to bring a new understanding to health, disease and aging. With the continuous evolution and optimization of iCar- bonX’ s knowledge base, the computation methodology will create the first intelligent digital guide, providing a personalized health management system which presents recommendations, both small and large, for a healthy life.


    4paradigm has the large-scale distributed machine learning & modeling platform for data scientists, the utilizers’ development platform of artificial intelligence for system engineers, and the machine learning & modeling platform and the online forecasting service based on the public cloud for general users.
    The main products are to bring machine learning ability into the field of finance, telecom, and etc., by integrating the solutions, UI, machine learning algorithm, distributed system, and the underlying infrastructure into an organic whole. Professionals who are unfamiliar with programming and algorithms could find easy solutions on this large-scale machine learning platform.


    Autonomous vehicles

    partial list of companies:LeTV,BAIDU,FACE ++,Tesla


    partial list of companies:MIT,Horizon Robotics


    partial list of companies:DJI

    Smart home

    partial list of companies:Samsung,MI



    China Center for Information Industry Development (CCiD), together with Intel, Jingdong (JD), Inspur, iFLYTEK, Sogou, Lighthouse Capital Group, Aplus Labs, Open Source China (OSC) and other enterprises launched the China AI Industry Innovation Alliance. Up to now, more than 150 enterprises and institutions have applied for its membership, including HIT Robot Group (HRG), Ecovacs, Cheetah Mobile, 360, Opzoon, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China Culture Industrial Fund and Seven-color Tech, as well as leading start-ups: Horizon Robotics, UISEE, Zero Zero Robotics, ReadSense, ZEROTECH, DeepGlint, Sensingtech, EVOLVER, uSens Ince and so on. Government-led with industry’s wide response, CCiD is the largest and most representative industry alliance with great influence in China.

    Open Source China

    Open Source China (OSC), China’s No. 1 open source technology community, is the most active and attractive community with more than 2.8 million registered software developers and more than 10 thousand developers’ groups.
    During ten years’ operation, OSC serves as a platform for Chinese developers to provide online programming learning and creates a series of offline meetings and activities: more than 12 meetings each year and the number of attendees for the latest open source software conference has exceeded 5,000. At the same time, OSC has been operating CIO Forum for state-owned enterprises with more than 150 CIOs from China's top 500 enterprises. In addition, OSC, the only appointed partner of Linux Foundation, will organize the global LINUX CON Conference in June 2017. Currently, OSC has successfully developed into one of the most influential IT community in China.
    OSC, a co-sponsor of the CCiD, will jointly host AICE2017 with outstanding enterprises the Union (CCiD).


    CSDN, the biggest programmer community in China, is committed to providing Chinese software developers and IT professionals with industry knowledge, vocational training, software development and other life-cycle services. Since its establishment, CSDN has attracted more than 48 millions’ registered users and 5 millions’ daily active users, with online and offline business on information and training service far ahead.

    In addition, CSDN owns Programmer——the most professional IT journal in China attaching more than 10 million readers; CTO club with 20 thousand members and 15 IT annual summits. In 2016, CSDN and Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) successfully co-sponsored the Chinese Congress on Artificial Intelligence Conference (CCAI) attracting more than 5,000 attendees.


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